Fastest Yamaha cars 0-60 mph

Top 1 fastest Yamaha cars from 0 to 60 mph. Updated November 2017.

0-60 mph acceleration time is most well known performance figure in United States and closely matches its European analogue - 0-100 kph time.

Today the 0-60 mph times are dominated by all wheel drive supercars with advanced launch control or electric cars with 4 wheel drive.

With enough engine power, 0-60 mph time becomes function of tyre traction - the more mechanical grip in tyres and more "linear" the initial power delivery, the better the 0-60 mph times.

Heavier cars with good 4 wheel drive system can still outmatch lighter sports cars with better power to weight ratio.

# make & model Time▼ Image
1. 1992 Yamaha OX99-11 3.2 Photo of 1992 Yamaha OX99-11

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List authored by Christian Zelcs. Last updated on 11/01/2017, last addition - Yamaha OX99-11 .